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Cottage Pups came to us with a real problem. They had tried to build their website themselves and the truth is it simply was not working for them. They may have been getting one to two leads every couple of months. The site was not put together well and the brand was confusing.

We stepped in to help them grow. The first thing we did is develop a brand that they could use in all of their marketing material. Step two: understand their customers. Who were they? What did they need to know? How could we capture them? The result is a site that walks the potential customer through a process of teaching them about this special breed, showing them the quality of the puppies, they have and then capturing them and bringing in the lead.

Now they get 2-5 leads per week. So much growth that Trish has had to get additional mom dogs to keep up with the demand. We also worked with her site to get her ranked on page one for key search terms.


  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Custom Programming
  • Search Engine Optimization


January 2018

I really did think I could do it myself. You see these advertisements online to build your own website. What they don't tell you is that you miss out on the wealth of knowledge you get with MadFish from all of the years of experience they have. We worked with Matt to figure out what we needed. He took the time to learn about our business and understand what we did that was different.

MadFish was able to do something we never thought possible. We have placed more puppies with their forever homes than we have in years before. All because their efforts to clearly communicate our message has been so effective, it is simply unreal.

Trish Carter, Owner Cottage Pups

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